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PY1: Lune Rouge and Guy Laliberté to Launch a New Entertainment Concept

Montreal, November 5, 2018 – Next June, Montreal will be home to a spectacular first- of-its-kind attraction: an innovative and transcendent entertainment venue shaped as a pyramid. The PY1 experience is an original concept developed by Lune Rouge Entertainment (founded by Guy Laliberté), which will make its international debut on the Clock Tower site in Montreal’s Old Port. Starting June 2019, PY1 will present Through the Echoes, the first show produced for the pyramid.

An emblematic venue, presenting vibrant and memorable experiences.

PY1 is an entirely new entertainment concept, offering a multisensory experience and representing the first traveling venue by Lune Rouge Entertainment. Iconically shaped as a giant pyramid, PY1 is a spectacular marvel of innovative technology and a unique playground for multimedia experiences combining high tech with the talent of the greatest digital creators.

Through the Echoes, a first immersive production

Next June, PY1 will host the first touring immersive production created by Lune Rouge Entertainment. Au-delà des échos/ Through The Echoes, designed by multidisciplinary artist Gabriel Coutu-Dumont, is an immense 60-minute multimedia show. Audience members will be surrounded by lasers, 360-degree projections, kinetic video aeri-al scenery, atmospheric special effects and spectacular lighting. Immersed in high-quality soundscapes, they will explore the thread of space and time, from our origins to our pos-sible futures, as if in a waking dream.

Through The Echoes will be a totally immersive experience, a technological and emo-tional odyssey which tells the story of life from the Big Bang until today,” explained Guy Laliberté, the founder of Lune Rouge. “The audience will play the main role and take center stage,” summarized Stéphane Mongeau, President and CEO of Lune Rouge Entertainment.

Guided by the stars, whose primitive celestial energy is part of us and everything around us, the 600 audience members will experience a dreamlike journey to the edge of the universe, from planet to planet, from the birth of the first cellular environments to complex organic systems, from the dawn of life to that of technology, on a quest for a better tomorrow and for possible futures.

With four possible configurations providing space for up to 1,000 people, the pyramid is a platform designed for the general public, with the ability to incorporate augmented reality experiences. After hours, the structure will morph into a next generation nightclub venue, offering a breathtaking and experiential multimedia environment. Surrounded by amazing sound and visual effects, guests will enjoy unique performances by carefully selected DJs.

Through The Echoes will be presented in Montreal from June to September, 2019, before going on tour. Pre-sale tickets are available at for $29.75 + fees + taxes (for a limited time only).

About Lune Rouge Entertainment

Lune Rouge Entertainment rallies industry experts and seasoned artists around innovative tech and artistic projects. It develops highly immersive entertainment experiences and explores new creative horizons through projects in Quebec and abroad. Lune Rouge Entertainment creates joint, innovative works using a mix of talents, cultures, theatrical techniques, and technologies. Lune Rouge Entertainment is an entity of the Montreal company, Lune Rouge.


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