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Lune Rouge Entertainment

Lune Rouge Entertainment rallies industry experts and seasoned artists around innovative tech and artistic projects. It develops highly immersive entertainment experiences and explores new creative horizons through projects in Quebec and abroad. Lune Rouge Entertainment aspires to create joint, innovative works using a mix of talents, cultures, theatrical techniques, and technologies.


PY1 is an entirely new entertainment concept by Guy Laliberté and Lune Rouge Entertainment, a traveling venue offering a multi-sensory experience. Iconically shaped as a pyramid, PY1 is a spectacular marvel of innovative technology dedicated to the presentation of vibrant and memorable experiences. Combining high tech with the talent of the greatest digital creators, this venue is the ultimate playground for the presentation of immersive shows and spectacular special events.

In early June 2019, this temple of innovation will welcome a first custom-produced immersive production, Through the Echoes, a digital and poetic odyssey by Gabriel Coutu-Dumont.