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Only 10 days left before the world premiere of PY1

The pyramid by Guy Laliberté and Lune Rouge Entertainment and its first show, Through the Echoes/Au-delà des échos, will open on June 1

Montreal, May 21, 2019 — Starting June 1, the grand world premiere of the show Through the Echoes, presented by TELUS and Accenture, will be unveiled at the PY1 pyramid, the new touring and immersive venue created by Lune Rouge Entertainment and Guy Laliberté. Montreal's Clocktower Pier was chosen for the home of this 25-meter-high structure, which will remain there for only four months before it begins its international tour.

An immense multimedia masterpiece conceived by multidisciplinary artist Gabriel Coutu Dumont, Through the Echoes is a technological and emotional odyssey that tells of the evolution of life from the Big Bang to today. The audience has the lead role and stands at the center of the pyramid, at the heart of the show. Surrounded by lasers, 360° projections, kinetic aerial design elements, special atmospheric effects and spectacular lighting, spectators will explore the thread of space and time, from our origins to our possible futures, as if in a waking dream.

For Guy Laliberté, it was important to entrust the production of the first show presented by PY1 to an artist capable of combining technology and imagery. "Gabriel has both great artistic sensitivity, tons of creativity, and an excellent understanding of the infinite possibilities of the arts, digital technologies, and video. He knows the strength and power of images," he stated. "Combining original music and visual effects, this first show in the pyramid is an incredible collaboration," he added.

The producer, Gabriel Coutu Dumont, expressed what a great pleasure it was to collaborate with the creative team surrounding him: "I had the chance to work with a team of impressive people, with whom I tackled the creation of a work that tries to enter the heart of human consciousness. Guided by music, images, and poetry, we want to question our origins, our bodies and their temporality, our spirit, and our evolution," he explained.

The words of Through the Echoes were strongly influenced by the thought of British philosopher Alan Watts. His son, Mark Watts, sent the creative team his father's unedited sound recordings, which can be heard for the very first time in the performance. "Alan Watts reflected, through his work, on the role of human beings within the universe and their impact on nature. In many aspects of his work, we find the beginnings of an ecological conscience. He is a visionary, and his words are startlingly current, even though they are from 40 years ago," said Jean Guibert, the show's creative director.

From June 1 at the Old Port of Montreal
Through the Echoes will be shown Tuesday through Sunday starting Saturday, June 1, with several performances each day. Family rates and group discounts are available. The show lasts one hour, and the audience is invited to watch the show standing up. Some seats will be available for those who want to sit.

Creators’ imagination will come to life in the heart of Old Port, one of Canada’s most innovative spaces. TELUS continues to invest to equip the landmark site with world-class technology, allowing local creators to push boundaries and supporting the emergence of a new generation of entertainment experiences in Montreal.

It is to support the local community, reinvent entertainment and provide a platform for the best of Quebec to continue to shine on the international stage that Accenture chose to sponsor Lune Rouge Entertainment.

PY1 Nights – A separate offering
On Friday and Saturday nights throughout the summer, the PY1 pyramid will also be the host of PY1 Nights thematic experiences represented by seven different visual and musical worlds, featuring local artists in a 360-degree immersive universe consisting of electronic music, projections, and theatrical moments.
To see schedules, view inspirational images on how to dress according to different themes, and to purchase tickets, visit

About PY1 PY1 is an entirely new entertainment concept, offering a multi-sensory experience. It is the first traveling venue by Lune Rouge Entertainment. Built in the iconic shape of a huge pyramid, PY1 is a marvel of innovative technology and a one-of-a-kind playground for shows and special events that offers a fully immersive experience at the heart of a custom- produced multimedia universe. PY1 and Through the Echoes will be presented by Telus and Accenture, two partners both committed to showcasing local talents and innovation.

About Lune Rouge Entertainment
Lune Rouge Entertainment rallies industry experts and seasoned artists around innovative tech and artistic projects. It develops highly immersive entertainment experiences and explores new creative horizons through projects in Quebec and abroad. Lune Rouge Entertainment creates joint, innovative works using a mix of talents, cultures, theatrical techniques, and technologies. Lune Rouge Entertainment is an entity of the Montreal company, Lune Rouge.


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