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Launch of a hub for digital creativity | Bringing together major industry players

Montreal, April 12, 2018 – The Society for the Celebration of Montréal’s 375th Anniversary has announced the development of a socio-economic initiative that was the outcome of the Board of Governor’s Leadership and Innovation working committee. The aim of this wide-scale project is to bring major industry players to work together by creating a hub for digital creativity.

With a goal in mind of strengthening and enhancing Montréal’s visibility as a creative and innovative city, the Society for Montréal’s 375th united key industry members and associations to understand and identify development possibilities for Montréal talent to develop the project announced today. Working in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation, in stages three times a year over a three-year period, the Montréal industry will be able to come up with common, sustainable solutions. C2 Montréal, the Lune Rouge Creative Hub and HUB Montréal are the three major stakeholders in this newly implemented ecosystem, which is also supported by the Québec Film and Television Council (QFTC), the Guilde des développeurs de jeux vidéo indépendants du Québec, the Alliance Numérique as well as the Ville de Montréal, who will all mobilize their members to increase the project’s impact.

This coming May, C2 Montréal will act as an inspirational platform, giving decision-makers from around the world the chance to explore industry ideas, findings and challenges during new Digital Creativity Summit, while the Lune Rouge Creative Hub will, for its part, ensure that solutions retained by the industry throughout the summer are culled and followed up on. Lastly, HUB Montréal, will present the conclusions and concrete solutions put forward by this focus group during its marché des industries créatives in November.

“The Board of Governors came up with this initiative to showcase the full potential of our talent and accelerate the development of companies in the field in order to increase economic spin-offs and support Montréal’s visibility and leadership in digital creativity around the globe. This new consolidation is in keeping with the recent desire announced by the Service de la culture of the Ville de Montréal to position the city in this sector,” said Alain Gignac, General Manager of the Society for the Celebration of Montréal’s 375th Anniversary.

“C2 Montréal is often described as an inverted economic mission. We offer a place to meet and exchange ideas and, each year, we strive to push the limits of creativity to get participants out of their comfort zones and explore new avenues to achieve their business objectives. We are, understandably, very pleased able to welcome industry players to brainstorm and work together on our industry’s future,” said Richard St-Pierre, President, C2 Montréal.

“Working together and pooling talents can have nothing but a positive impact on our industry,” said Nadine Gelly, General Manager, Lune Rouge Creative Hub. “By exploring the most promising ideas and turning them into concrete solutions, the entire digital creativity ecosystem benefits from this way of working. The Lune Rouge Creative Hub team is proud to be able to contribute to advancing and creating this hub.”

“By drawing from focus groups and taking common action, we will be able to showcase our talent and ideas on the international stage. HUB Montréal will cull the findings of this grouping, whose aim is to help our digital creativity industries shine and accelerate their development. This is completely in line with HUB’s way of thinking. We are thrilled to be a part of the demonstration component of this Board of Governors initiative,” added Sébastien Nasra, Founder and General Manager, HUB Montréal.

About the Board of Governors for the Society for the Celebration of Montréal’s 375th Anniversary
The Board of Governors is a volunteer committed chaired by Monique F. Leroux. It brings together citizens, elected officials and members of the business community who work toward creating sustainable socio-economic projects. Its mandate falls within the scope of the activities of the Society for the Celebration of Montréal’s 375th Anniversary, which is chaired by France Chrétien Desmarais and led by Alain Gignac. For more information:

About C2 Montréal
C2 is a non-profit organization that brings together Commerce and Creativity to explore trends, opportunities, disruptions and major shifts on the horizon. Every year, this is where more than 6,500 decision makers and creative minds unite to collectively shape, experience, and challenge the future of business. The goal is to lead participants to question their way of thinking, experience new processes and prototype creative solutions to real business problems. Created by Sid Lee with its founding partner Cirque du Soleil, this three-day event features conferences, collaborative workshops, experimental brainstorming sessions, meetings, performances and parties which have been described as “The Davos of Creativity” (Le Nouvel Observateur) and “A conference unlike any other” (Harvard Business Review). The 7th edition of C2 Montréal will take place from May 23 to 25, 2018 at Arsenal.

About the Lune Rouge Creative Hub
The Lune Rouge Creative Hub in a non-profit organization that brings together talented individuals and companies working in the fields of content creation and creative technology in the entertainment industry. Its mission is to develop and promote innovative projects and startups in these fields, both in Quebec and around the world, providing the necessary resources in an eclectic environment to help bring to life world-class projects and technologies. The Lune Rouge Creative Hub rallies a community that seeks to develop and bring greater visibility to Montréal’s creativity.

About HUB Montréal
Created by Antenne Créative, a non-profit company, and produced by Avalanche Prod, HUB Montréal strives to maximize the business potential and promote the know-how of digital creativity artisans as well as innovative content developed by local companies in the cultural and entertainment sectors. By offering a creative industries marketplace, HUB Montréal offers a veritable window onto the creative ecosystems as well as a springboard to international markets. The initiative also aims to unite many specialized events of the creative and cultural industries each November in Montréal to put forward an irresistible offer to attract international investors and influencers. The 2nd edition of HUB Montréal will take place from November 12 to 14, 2018.