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PY1 Nights : a new themed evening concept by Lune Rouge Entertainment

Montreal, May 3, 2019 — In addition to the world premiere of Through the Echoes this summer, the PY1 pyramid, a new immersive touring venue by Lune Rouge Entertainment and Guy Laliberté, will launch its new nightlife concept PY1 Nights. These themed nightlife experiences will be situated in seven unique visual and musical worlds, featuring performances by local artists in a universe of electronic music, lasers, projections, special effects and spectacular lighting. PY1 Nights will take place every Friday and Saturday nights for the entire summer, at the pyramid, on the Clock Tower Pier in the Old Port of Montreal.

More than 70 local stage artists will come together to create these worlds, under the artistic direction of Sarah Bromley and the Lune Rouge Entertainment team. Whether through electronic music or visual projections, five theatrical moments will be woven into a story that will shape the experience.

7 worlds to discover

PY1 Nights strives for total immersion. Participants are therefore encouraged to become part of the experience by incorporating their own accessories and costumes modelled on the evening’s theme.

  • EYE WONDER: Visit the birth of the universe and sail through space, time and matter.
  • CANDY WORLD: A sweet and sour tumble down the rabbit hole. Gumdrops for gown ups. Wanna play?
  • SCI-MATIC: Where sound takes physical shape. Watch the music rippling in cymatic frequencies. Let your senses blur.
  • UNDERWORLD: A radioactive haze clouds the sky, and survivors have been driven underground.
  • ASTRAL PLANE: Beings of pure light lead us through a portal to the cosmos, and take us on an adventure.
  • POP: Graffiti, pop art and manga. A celebration of urban art takes life in front of your eyes.
  • TABOO: Enter a landscape made of heaving bodies. An adult playground, a garden of curiosity.

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About PY1

PY1 is an entirely new entertainment concept, offering a multi-sensory experience. It is the first traveling venue by Lune Rouge Entertainment. Built in the iconic shape of a huge pyramid, PY1 is a marvel of innovative technology and a one-of-a-kind playground for shows and special events that offers a fully immersive experience at the heart of a customproduced multimedia universe. PY1 and Through the Echoes will be presented by Telus and Accenture, two partners both committed to showcasing local talents and innovation.

About Lune Rouge Entertainment

Lune Rouge Entertainment rallies industry experts and seasoned artists around innovative tech and artistic projects. It develops highly immersive entertainment experiences and explores new creative horizons through projects in Quebec and abroad. Lune Rouge Entertainment is a division of the Montreal company, Lune Rouge.


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