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3D Environment Artist


We are creators of shows, gatherings, and highly immersive universes that are supported, above all else, by technology that gives life to surreal collective experiences founded on authentic, transcendental, and positive stories.

We are fueled by the desire to surprise and to make technology the spark that lights emotion and stirs the desire to come together.

We are fed by our curiosity, by the world’s cultural and artistic diversity, and by our insatiable appetite for the creation of new experiential formats, all over the world.

Our playgrounds are both interior and exterior spaces. We create them from scratch just as much as we apply our imagination to existing ones.

The moments we create follow the rhythm of the world, at every hour of the day, at every hour of the night.

We aspire to inspire. To elevate the heart and spirit. To celebrate the joy of being together. One foot in the real world. The other in the virtual one.

Welcome to our company.


The 3D Environment Artist designs and produces visual material to efficiently communicate creative environmental concepts, ideas, atmospheres, etc. The incumbent is specialized at developping concepts in various forms for use in different media. They have a deep understanding of 3D software and technical drawing and how these tools contribute to the design process. They are particularly passionate about scenographical drawing and architecture as well as the world of experiential environments. The incumbent has a creative thinking process and a sense of autonomy which allows them to to quickly grasp the essence of projects. Having an interest for new technologies is a must.


  • Create high quality environmental visuals in order to help the Creative Director(s) show the project’s intentions;
  • Design visual concepts from scratch using reference materials;
  • Create environments, trails, locations, and atmospheres in order to use these as communicative tools;
  • Make modifications when necessary in order to ensure the work is aligned with the artistic vision;
  • Have the ability to deliver the work in the timelines prescribed by production and to follow the high quality standards fixed by the company;
  • Respect the vision and parameters established by the artistic direction;
  • Contribute to the space’s vision and public experience with the artistic team;
  • Actively participate in production meetings and/or brainstorming sessions;
  • Undertake any related task(s).


  • Rich and convincing portfolio;
  • Excellent mastery of public exterior environment design;
  • Great interest in the design of public spaces (festivals, architecture, parks, trails, etc);
  • Excellent mastery of Photoshop;
  • Mastery of Autocad, 3DS Max or any other 3D software;
  • Mastery of lighting and colour composition;
  • Have a creative flair in many graphical styles;
  • Ability to work under pressure and on many projects simultaneously;
  • Good teamwork and communication skills;
  • Active listening abilities;
  • Ability to accept contructive criticism and to adapt to changes;
  • Sense of initiative and organization;
  • Excellent understanding in both French and English along with strong writing skills.


  • You are meticulously organized and detail-oriented;
  • You are a team player and a relationship-builder at your core;
  • You are curious, innovation and exploration-oriented, and have the desire to try;
  • You have an artistic appreciation along with the ability to integrate your ideas within a technical sphere;
  • You know how to manage your time efficiently;
  • You are reliable and responsible.

Please send your resume in either Word or PDF format, to the attention of Alexandra Lalonde at